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Our Not Forgotten Play Festival is the cherry on top of a 6-7 month writing process. Once the past Festival is closed, we open submissions to potential writers. After the selection process is made it's time to get to work! During this time Collective members meet once a month to share their work and collaborate with each other. 


At the beginning of the creative process writings may be notes, scribbles, poems, and/or anything that may inspire us. As we march forward, common elements usually emerge organically from the collective and become that years theme.


By the 4-5th month Collective members have a good sense of their plays and will have other members read it out loud, and give constructive feedback. We are then into the polishing stage (who knows when art is truly ready?), Collective members cast their pieces, and can either find someone to direct it or do it themselves.


We are always there to help each other out, and are all aware that it takes a team effort to create the Festival.

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