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Founded in January 2018 on the basis of creating opportunities when seeing none available, the Women’s Playwright Collective began as an informal writing workshop of female-identifying writers, actors, and directors looking to hone their craft with the hope of building the “right” project instead of waiting for one to come along. While Staten Island boasts an array of theatre groups, we noticed that most pieces produced were either written, directed, or heavily cast with men.

In March of 2018, with the intention of challenging the Staten Island theater landscape set, the WPC presented five solid drafts to the Staten Island Shakespearean Theatre Company, whose board immediately took an interest in the messages and offered to produce the plays-in-progress. This production became the inaugural "Not Forgotten Play Festival," presenting the five one-act plays of WPC co-founders Ariel Marcus-Hollenbeck, Ariana Nicoletta, Amy Puleo, Kerry Robinson, and Kseniya Ignatova-Yates. It took place on July 7, 2018, at the Little Victory Theatre and sold to capacity.

The pieces presented conflicts and meditations, not all unique to the female experience but uniquely expressed in the female voice, touching upon work/life balance, parent/child relationships, body image, socialization, and coming of age in New York City. Each play featured a female protagonist. The response following the festival was overwhelming.

Each year, the Women’s Playwright Collective continues to welcome new members, new ideas, and the same passion to create new work.

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