in a Forgotten Borough

 Women’s voices have long been muffled, silenced, misheard, appropriated. The WPC is hoping to play one small part in their steady amplification. We believe that showcasing original, contemporary plays is an essential component of any healthy and vibrant local arts community, and are emboldened and passionate about bringing this energy and momentum to the Staten Island arts scene. The WPC wishes to collaborate and grow as a sisterhood of artists, and to turn the Not Forgotten Play Festival into a mainstay of the Staten Island creative community as an annual event.


"Mind The Light"

WPC Writer/Producer Ariel Marcus-Hollenbeck's play "Mind The Light" had its 3rd remounting, April 22nd and 23rd 2022 this time at The Noble Maritime Collection.

"Mind The Light" - When a visitor comes to the Robbins Reef Lighthouse, not only is Kate Walkers' nighttime routine upended, but possibly the rest of her life.


I really felt like some of these pieces reached right into my brain and spoke my truth.

-2021 Audience Member


Beyond the introspective nature of each piece, I learned that there are lots of artistic liberties that can be taken in theater that I hadn't previously considered.

-2021 Audience Member

2019 Not Forgotten

I was so proud to see the variety of female identified talent here on the island.

-2021 Audience Member


I felt very delighted with the overall performance of all actors and playwrights all had beautifully written pieces

-2021 Audience Member



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